Navajo Tribal Government now announces closure of popular Grand Falls

By Michel Marizco
Published: Monday, March 6, 2023 - 2:14pm
Updated: Monday, March 6, 2023 - 6:19pm

Grand Falls
Michel Marizco/KJZZ
Grand Falls' waters churn even in the middle of winter. It's located just a few miles inside the Navajo Nation’s southwestern boundary,

A popular waterfall spot in northern Arizona is officially closed after KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk reported on efforts by locals to keep non-tribal members out of the area. 

The Navajo Nation Tourism Department now has a single line on its website saying Grand Falls is closed until further notice. 

That announcement comes after local residents from neighborhoods surrounding the falls on the Navajo Nation’s southwestern region told us visitors were off-roading, littering and disturbing people who live around Grand Falls. 

The Navajo tribal government attributed the closure to the local Leupp Chapter House, one of the regional governing bodies that make up the tribe’s structure.

The chapter house leader has declined interviews with us. So it’s not clear when the falls will reopen to visitors or whether the tribe will start formalizing visits to the area through fees or permits.