Valley Metro and Phoenix to hold public meetings for transit study in the West Valley

Published: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - 12:28pm

Valley Metro is holding public meetings as part of a study to address the need in west Phoenix for additional high capacity transit options, like buses. Valley Metro’s Madeline Phipps says the goal is to make it easier for Maryvale residents to travel to everyday destinations.

“We know that this is a highly transit-dependent part of Phoenix,” Phipps said. “And so we know that providing additional high-capacity transit would really improve lives.”

The first meeting will be this Thursday evening. The last two will take place next Thursday and Saturday, virtually and in person.

After the meetings this month, Phipps said planners and those on the project team will take public input into account as they evaluate factors like what kind of transit to implement, existing transit and buildings in areas of interest.

After the meetings, Phipps said the public can access an online feedback form on Valley Metro’s website for the project.

“We want to serve the public the best way that we can,” Phipps said. “And so hearing what community members in this area think is really important.”

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