Mexico publishes guidelines for long-awaited national forensic database

By Kendal Blust
Published: Friday, April 7, 2023 - 4:19pm
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Mexico has published guidelines for the implementation and operation of a national forensic database meant to help find and identify the more than 100,000 people registered as missing in the country.

Mexico’s federal prosecutor this week published the rules that will govern a long-awaited national forensic database and other national registries whose creation was established as part of a 20-17 law regarding disappearances.

The database — which is more than five years behind schedule — should streamline state and federal forensic data and integrate that information with records of missing people, mass and clandestine graves and unidentified bodies — though some of that data still needs to be compiled.

Nearly 112,000 people are registered as missing in Mexico, and a forensic backlog has left an estimated 52,000 bodies unidentified across the country.

Many point to a lack of resources and coordination for Mexico’s failure to address the ongoing crisis. In March, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights urged Mexico to address those issues and develop a comprehensive approach to addressing the crisis.

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