AG Mayes joins push for Congress to act on xylazine

Published: Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 4:14pm
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Arizona’s Kris Mayes is among dozens of attorneys general urging federal lawmakers to have the DEA track an animal tranquilizer found with fentanyl in deadly drug cocktails.

In a recent public safety alert, the DEA described xylazine as making the deadliest drug ever found in the United States even deadlier.

A letter to Congress signed by Mayes and dozens of her peers says that xylazine is a sedative known to slow breathing and heart rate.

Though increasingly found mixed with fentanyl, the drug does not respond to overdose reversal medication such as naloxone.

Xylazine is used legally to tranquilize large animals.

The group of attorneys general is also pushing Congress to put xylazine in the same category as codeine, ketamine and anabolic steroids.