Nonprofit study says Interstate 11 could tax Arizona's water supply

By Ron Dungan
Published: Monday, May 29, 2023 - 1:24pm

Interstate 11 map
Arizona Department of Transportation
A proposed path for Interstate 11 in Arizona.

A new report claims that construction of Interstate 11 from Nogales to Kingman would put a strain on Arizona’s water supply.

The Center for Biological Diversity released a study last week claiming Interstate 11 would promote growth in areas of Arizona that are already strapped for water.

The freeway’s proposed route would skirt parks, national monuments and tribal communities before reaching areas of projected growth in the West Valley.

The Arizona Department of Water resources warned earlier this year that the Hassayampa sub-basin does not have enough water to meet projected growth.

The Center for Biological Diversity is one of several conservationist groups suing the Federal Highway Administration in an effort to block the project’s construction.

A judge ruled last week that their lawsuit can move forward. 

Proposed Interstate 11 corridor
Russ McSpadden/Center for Biological Diversity
Proposed Interstate 11 corridor between Saguaro National Park and Ironwood Forest National Monument.

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