Airbnb uses AI to crack down on Halloween parties

By Nicholas Gerbis
Published: Wednesday, October 25, 2023 - 12:36pm
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AI might soon come for our jobs, but first it’s going to shut down our parties — on certain rental properties, at least.

Those looking to throw a Dead Man’s Party or host a Monster Mash should steer clear of Airbnb this Halloween.

The rental broker is using an artificial intelligence-driven “anti-party system” across the U.S. and Canada to shut down soirees before they start.

The system identifies potentially higher risk one- and two-night bookings by sifting data for hundreds of red flags, including length of stay, distance to the listing, and whether the booking is last-minute.

The effort is part of a global party ban established in response to shootings at some gatherings, and to protect properties and bolster community relations.

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