Gov. Brewer's Student Success Funding Program Asks For Money

Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 12:58pm
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(Photo by Mark Brodie-KJZZ)
The Arizona Court of Appeals is questioning the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging Brewer's plan.

As part of her budget proposal, Gov. Jan Brewer is asking state lawmakers for about $37.5 million. It is for a program her office is calling Student Success Funding. It is basically a performance funding plan that would give cash to schools for high performing students and students whose performance improves. Dale Frost is the governor’s education policy advisor.

For another perspective on the governor’s Student Success Funding proposal, we turn to Pearl Chang Esau. She is the president and CEO of the group Expect More Arizona, which advocates for a world-class education system for all Arizona students.

Another group following this issue is the Helios Education Foundation. Paul Luna is its president and CEO.