Census already making changes for 2020

August 08, 2012

The 2020 Census is almost eight years away, but the Census Bureau is looking at lessons learned from the last census. KJZZ’s Al Macias reports the bureau may be changing questions and dropping some terms.

AL MACIAS: The Census Bureau conducted 500,000 interviews and dozens of focus groups across the country to determine how to improve response accuracy. Study results were released this morning. Nicholas Jones of the Census Bureau says their research showed that questions on the 2010 survey about ethnicity and race generated many complaints.

NICHOLAS JONES: One question that was consistently expressed was over the separate Hispanic origin question which was seen as unfair and problematic by some and some participants saw this question as potentially identifying Hispanics for discriminatory reasons, while others felt Hispanics were receiving special treatment.

MACIAS: The research says if the Hispanic origin question remains in 2020, it should be modified to allow for multiple answers. Another recommendation dealt with African-Americans.

JONES: Another finding was that participants felt that the use of the term “negro” was outdated and offensive and  recommended the term should be removed.

MACIAS: Decisions on the final language for the 2020 Census are still several years away.

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