U.S. Senate candidates Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake

October 17, 2012

Congressman Jeff Flake and Dr. Richard Carmona joined Steve Goldstein separately to talk about their views on economic progress, the Affordable Care Act, and immigration reform.

Carmona, the former U.S. Surgeon General, says the ACA was a good attempt but is too complicated and can be improved. Flake says the ACA should be repealed, and Congress and the White House should start the process again.

On immigration, Carmona says comprehensive reform is possible and should be a top priority of the next Congress. Flake says he's been involved in the fight for immigration reform for nearly a decade, but a secure border has to come before a guest worker program or a path to citizenship can go into effect. Flake says Democrats and Republicans have tried, but voters don't trust government to implement strong reform.

Listen to the discussion with Carmona here.

Listen to the discussion with Flake here.

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