Easter Items Check Out At Checkout

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Friday, April 18, 2014 - 10:23am

 If you’re planning to buy an Easter basket or some chocolate bunnies to put in one, it looks like you’ll get your money’s worth.

The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures says a check of 750 Easter items at 33 businesses across the state, found nearly all of their pricing was right.

“Almost 99 percent as far as scanning goes, virtually the same, 99.4 percent as far as product pricing goes," said Shawn Marquez, the department’s compliance director.

Marquez said the department did bring civil charges against two businesses.

“They put out Easter items for sale and most of them, or a lot of them, were not priced, so it’s a total of $800 in civil penalties," Marquez said.

Marquez it’s important customers know the selling price of items and that they get that price at the cash register.   

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