Flake campaign accused of voter suppression via robocall

November 05, 2012

A handful of Valley residents have accused Jeff Flake’s Senate campaign of trying to suppress Democratic voter turnout, but Flake says it’s much ado about a mistake. 
The story first broke Sunday night on Phoenix’s Channel 12, with a report on several registered Democrats who said they received robocalls encouraging them to vote for Republican candidate Flake and reminding them of their polling place -- only trouble is that it was the wrong location.

One voter who spoke to KJZZ said she was told to go vote at a school 8 miles away from her actual polling place at a Scottsdale church.

In a statement, Flake said his campaign sent out 120,000 robocalls over the weekend, but that it targeted Republicans. If any Democrats received a call, Flake said it was a mistake due to incorrect information on the voter rolls.

If you need to check your polling place, go to your county recorder’s website. Find the Maricopa County Recorder's site here. You can also check your polling place on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website.

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