Historic Latino voter turnout shapes elections

November 07, 2012

As post-election analysis continues, the role of Latino voters has gotten much attention. As Peter O’Dowd reports, community leaders are now talking about what that means for the future.

PETER O’DOWD: According to a poll taken just before the election, Latino Decisions says Mitt Romney would have won the popular vote if he had captured just 35 percent of the Latino electorate. Instead President Barack Obama walked away with the vast majority of the growing and increasingly powerful voting bloc. Eliseo Medina, of the Service Employees International Union, says it’s time both Republicans and Democrats pay attention.

ELISEO MEDINA: We are also sending a message to President Obama following this historic support from Latinos. We expect action and leadership on comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, because this is just the beginning of this election story.

O’DOWD: Latino Decisions says Latinos were critical to the president’s victory in Western states. Eighty-seven percent went for Mr. Obama in Colorado.

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