Loughner sentenced to seven consecutive life terms

November 08, 2012

A federal Judge in Tucson has sentenced Jared Loughner to seven consecutive life terms, and an additional 140 years.  Victims of the January 2011 shooting and their families took turns speaking to Loughner this morning, including Mark Kelly, the husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

KJZZ's Michel Marzico describes the emotional scene in the courtroom.

MICHEL MARIZCO: Kelley helped Gabby up to the podium and she faced him the entire time unflinchingly. She never turned away from him for a moment. Kelley told Loughner that after today, after the sentencing, he said, we're done thinking about you. And he was also one of the ones who was very adamant that Loughner understand what he did and take full responsibility for the massacre that day.

We'll have more updates and reaction form Loughner's victims throughout the afternoon.

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