Arizona's Republican Party Chairman: Like Him Or Not, Donald Trump's Our Guy

Published: Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 2:31pm
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(Photo courtesy of Arizona GOP)
Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham.

Robert Graham, the chairman of Arizona’s Republican Party, said he’s fully behind Donald Trump as the GOP's presidential nominee.

That’s despite the fact that Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race on Tuesday, won the majority of Arizona’s delegates at the state convention this past weekend.

Graham said it’s time for his party to unite around Trump, whether they like him or not.

“Arizona Republicans voted two to one for Donald Trump. So, for every one vote that Ted Cruz received, Donald Trump received two," Graham said.

But he admits he's had a difficult time unifying his members.  

"One of the hardest things when you’re the chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, is to represent all the interests of the party. But in this case, he won fair and square, so he become the nominee of the state of  Arizona," he said.

Trump’s statements on the campaign trail have drawn a strong rebuke from some Arizona Republicans, including Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake. 

Each of Arizona’s 58 national GOP delegates is bound to Trump in the first round of convention voting.