Glendale Launches 'Warrant Wipeout' Program

By Steve Shadley
Published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 12:51pm
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The city of Glendale is encouraging anyone with an outstanding misdemeanor warrant to come forward and pay their fines. Glendale is offering a special program this week where people can deal with their legal issues without worrying about spending time in jail.

It’s called the “Warrant Wipeout” and Glendale hopes to collect payments for misdemeanor fines dating back a decade. Glendale Police Spokesman Jay O’Neill said 13,000 people are eligible to clear up their outstanding warrants. 

"We realize that this is something that hinders people from getting employment, it hinders people from getting housing. It hangs over their head and it’s very stressful to people and so we want to help them help themselves” O'Neill said.

He said most of the warrants are related to traffic violations in Glendale. O'Neill said people must show up in person to the Glendale City Court this Thursday through Saturday so they can appear before a judge to make arrangements to pay off their outstanding fines. 

He said anyone who fails to do so could be arrested during Glendale police sweeps that start next week.

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