Regents to analyze tuition breaks for some undocumented immigrants

March 15, 2013

The Arizona Board of Regents expects to consider whether college students in the country illegally are eligible for in-state tuition.

Arizona Universities Arizona's three public universities. (Image courtesy Arizona Board of Regents)

Friday afternoon, the presidents of ASU, NAU, and U of A released their tuition proposals for the upcoming school year. Rick Myers, Chair of the Arizona Board of Regents, said in a statement he was encouraged by what he saw.

He also addressed the unresolved question of whether some immigrants brought to the country illegally as children might qualify for in-state tuition.

Under a voter-approved law, undocumented immigrants must pay out-of-state tuition at state universities. But the effect of that law’s been in question since the Obama administration announced a deferred deportation plan for young undocumented immigrants.

Chairman Myers said the Board is interested in talking about how to make tuition more affordable for those immigrants. He said the Regents plan to take up the matter at their April 4 meeting, and that they’ll analyze “detailed legal and financial information on this issue.”

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