Glendale man, family stung after bee removal attempt

April 09, 2013

A Glendale man learned about the hazards of trying to remove bees from his home without experience.

He and members of his family and their pets were stung several times, according to Glendale Fire Department spokesman Michael Young. Firefighters used foam to try to calm the bees until a professional beekeeper could be called.

“The bees were very aggressive,” Young said. “We do not know whether they were Africanized or not, but we have had issues the past year in the general vicinity—about a one to two mile radius around the home—with Africanized bees.”

Young says it's a bad idea for homeowners to try to deal with bees by themselves. In this case, the homeowner said he had known for about two years that the hive was in his attic.

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