Utilities Say They're Ready For Monsoon Season

Published: Friday, June 27, 2014 - 10:53am

With the first monsoon thunderstorms about to hit Arizona, the state’s utilities are trying to assure customers they’re ready for the challenges storms put on electrical power.

“We’re in the season and we’re ready to go and, and, whatever challenges come along our way this summer, whether it’s high demand or monsoon storms, wildfires or other unexpected events, we feel we’re very prepared," said Damon Gross of APS.

SRP’s Jeff Lane says they’ve put the more durable steel power poles in strategic locations to help withstand the violent weather.  And Lane says with El Niño brewing in the Pacific, this year’s monsoon is expected to be wetter than the past few years, when the monsoon brought more dust than rainstorms to the state.

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