Pack now for hiking adventures in Arizona

April 24, 2013

Hiking season is in full swing in the Arizona high country, and professional hiking guide Roger Jenkins says if you plan on going out, you need to plan now to avoid problems. 

He advises putting together a permanent hiking kit with 10 essentials that can be used for day hikes or multi-day adventures.  Jenkins says you should start with a first aid kid, because he's found that if you hike enough, somebody will eventually get hurt. He says waterproof matches, a knife and rain gear are also essential and thinks a topographic map should also be on the list.

"You can get free maps on the Internet for virtually anywhere you want to hike. And learn to read a topographical map. It's much easier than a highway map, believe me," Jenkins said.

A hat, extra clothing, a compass and a flashlight are also on Jenkins' list.  The final item? He says that's your call but insect repellent, sunscreen and toilet paper might make a lot of sense.

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