New Pinal County medical marijuana dispensary permit approved

April 26, 2013

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has approved a permit for a medical marijuana dispensary near Maricopa despite the county attorney's recommendation that it be denied.

County Attorney Lando Voyles recommended against approving the dispensary, worrying county employees who process paperwork for it, could be subject to federal prosecution.

But the board voted 4-1 to okay the dispensary, with Supervisors Steve Miller and Pete Rios saying they know of no federal action taken against employees anywhere in the country for issuing permits for dispensaries selling medical marijuana legally. 

Arizona voters in 2010 approved a ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana. The supervisors previously denied a permit for a dispensary in Dudleyville, citing problems with that facility.

Two dispensaries already have the green light to operate in Pinal County. One is operating in Eloy, and a dispensary has been approved for Casa Grande.

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