ASU Professor Changes Plea In Jaywalking Arrest Case

By Carrie Jung
Published: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 4:09pm
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The Arizona State University professor who is accusing a campus police officer of racial profiling and excessive use of force in her recent arrest has changed her plea. Ersula Ore is now pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.

In exchange for the new plea, the county attorney is dismissing a felony count of aggravated assault and three additional charges.

Ore was arrested in May after being stopped for jaywalking. Campus police say she kicked the arresting officer in the shin and resisted arrest.

Alane Roby is Ore’s attorney. She said both she and her client feel the deal is fair, as a state statute does require a person to submit to an arrest even if they believe it’s unlawful.  

"It really stands for the proposition that it’s ok to demand respect and it’s definitely ok to question whether or not your constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure of your person or your property is being made," added Roby. "But it sends a message. Unfortunately what the laws says you have to submit an arrest even if it’s not right but that doesn’t mean you have to stop fighting." 

Roby said Ore is not facing jail time. Her sentencing is set for August 1.

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