Arizona consumers feeling more confident about economy

May 02, 2013

Arizona consumers are apparently feeling more confident about the economy. 

New figures from the Behavior Research Center show 29 percent think current business conditions are good. That's the best number in years, with the percentage who think jobs are hard to get now at just 43 percent. 

Overall though, consumer confidence dipped slightly, driven down by fears of what's to come.  ASU economist Dennis Hoffman the fact that 25 percent of those surveyed expect fewer jobs in six months, cannot be ignored.

"If people feel that jobs are going to be harder to get in a year then maybe they hunker down now and don't spend. That puts people out of work. So therefore there are few jobs. Expectations can be self-fulfilling," Hoffman said.

But Hoffman says he's not particularly worried, saying from all indications consumers are continuing to spend money.

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