Waste-to-energy plant top open in Glendale

May 07, 2013

A power plant that converts garbage into renewable energy will soon be operating in Glendale. The project will cost $110 million. City of Glendale officials say the waste-to-energy plant will be built on the Glendale Municipal Landfill near the Glendale airport. The Spanish company Abengoa has been hired to build the facility.

The plant will sort and recycle 180,000 tons of trash, plastic and solid waste per year. The trash will go through a gasification process which will produce 350 tons of gas daily. This will generate 15 megawatts of energy, enough to power 15,000 homes. The Abengoa company will also manage and operate the plant for 30 years.

Groundbreaking starts in about two months. City officials say the plant will open next spring and will create about 50 permanent jobs.

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