Per Diem allowances for lawmakers to be cut Tuesday

May 13, 2013

The state legislative session has been stalled the last several weeks as talks continue over Medicaid expansion.

Governor Jan Brewer has asked lawmakers not to send her any more bills until there is agreement on Medicaid, and while lawmakers remain at the capitol, the cost of keeping them there is about to go down.

Per Diem allowances will be slashed Tuesday from $35 a day to $10 for Maricopa County legislators, and from $65 to $20, for rural lawmakers.

Freshman Representative Sonny Borrelli of Lake Havasu City said he will fall back on his 20 years in the Marines to make ends meet.

“I can live on Pringles and Top Ramen and popcorn and water and pretty much nothing,” Borrelli said. “I was kind of used to that when I was on active duty.”

The cut in expense payments takes place by law on the 121st day of the session tomorrow.

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