Local leaders want Arizona to reinstate denied federal voter forms

June 17, 2013

Voting rights advocates praised the Supreme Court’s decision that struck down an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship when registering to vote. The high court ruled that the state cannot require additional documents beyond what a federal form calls for. The group called the ruling a win for Arizona and its residents. At the state capitol on Monday, the Latin American Legal Defense Fund, the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, legislators, and voting rights advocates each took turns praising the Supreme Court’s decision.

State Sen. Steve Gallardo State Sen. Steve Gallardo (Photo by Sarah Beckman - KJZZ)

State Sen. Steve Gallardo said now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the matter, he wants Arizona to reinstate an estimated 30,000 federal voter application forms it once denied.

"We’re gonna call on the elections department and the Secretary of State’s office to implement all the voter registration forms that were turned away. They have them in their possession," Gallardo said.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett said he is disappointed with the decision. The court did say Arizona could request approval for additional documents from the federal government.

Justice Anton Scalia said if the state is denied that permission, it could sue. Secretary Bennett said Arizona plans to do just that, and if necessary, go to court again.

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