Monsoon In East Valley Damages Homes, School

July 16, 2013

A large thunderstorm in the East Valley last night has left the city of Ahwatukee, and the surrounding area, with quite a bit of damage. KJZZ Managing Editor Al Macias went to Desert Vista High School this morning to report on the storm’s aftermath,

sign The scoreboard fell onto the track at Desert Vista High School. (Photo by Al Macias-KJZZ)

“A dozen trees at least are down around the football field,” Macias said. “The new scoreboard, at least I’m told it was new, is down and in a mangled heap, as well as other fences and property damage to the school.”

Macias said about half the homes under construction at a nearby site, were toppled by the storm, which the National Weather Service says was a micro-burst.  A countless number of trees were downed by the storm, including some which were toppled into the swimming pools of area homes.



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