Department of Public Safety Nabs 60 Pound Heroin Load

July 17, 2013

State police in Phoenix have seized a load of heroin worth about $1.5 million.  It is the agency’s biggest heroin bust in memory, said Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves.

heroin The largest heroin bust in Arizona DPS memory occured when 60 pounds of the drug were found in three West Phoenix homes. (Photo courtesy of Arizona Department of Public Safety)


The investigation began several weeks ago with an interstate traffic stop. That eventually led officers to three West Phoenix homes where they discovered 60 pounds of heroin and $250,000 in cash, said Graves. The drugs were smuggled over the border from Mexico, and Graves said the homes were used as distribution centers.

"For us, for DPS, this is the largest heroin bust we’ve ever done," Graves added. "We’ve had detectives working this case that have been with us for 20 some-odd years, and they can’t recall a larger bust than this one."

Two Phoenix men have been arrested on narcotics charges, but Graves said the search for more suspects continues.

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