ADOT To Help Stranded Motorists With Quick Clear Program

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Friday, March 31, 2017 - 5:05am
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Valley drivers know to pull over to the shoulder if they have an unfortunate run-in with a fellow motorist on the highway. But If your car breaks down, you have to wait for state troopers to tow you to safety.

Now more help is on the way. ADOT spokesman Steve Elliott says after revising its best practices for traffic management, they’ve authorized personnel to lend a hand if they beat police to the scene.

“They’re now empowered to push, pull and tug, or whatever’s needed to keep traffic moving and really make the situation a lot safer,” Elliott said.

Elliott says ADOT already has the equipment to assist in accidents; they just needed the green light.

ADOT says clearing lanes quickly helps prevent congestion and collateral crackups.