Etiquette Expert Discusses How Jan Brewer Should Greet President Obama

August 06, 2013

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will welcome President Barack Obama at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Tuesday. President Obama will be in town to speak at a Valley high school about home ownership. In Mesa last year, the governor was photographed wagging her finger at the President.

Business etiquette expert Peter Post, with the Emily Post Institute in Vermont, said that Brewer needs to look past the Janurary 2012 incident.

"I think the most important thing she can do to make amends for is to greet him and welcome him to Arizona and the welcoming gesture would be instead of a finger wag, is a friendly handshake and a smile," Post said.

Post said that it would be in her best interest, as Brewer has requested federal aid for the 19 firefighters who died in a fire in Yarnell June 30. 

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