Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Aubuchon Disbarment

September 17, 2013

The Arizona Supreme Court has upheld the disbarment of a former Maricopa County prosecutor. Last year, a disciplinary panel of the Arizona Bar took Lisa Aubuchon’s law license away – the complaints against the former Deputy County Attorney stemmed mainly from lawsuits filed against public officials and judges.

Aubuchon appealed her disbarment to the state Supreme Court, but Tuesday, the court also ordered her disbarred. In its ruling, the justices write that the record shows that “without question, Aubuchon failed to fulfill her responsibilities as a prosecutor, abused the public trust and misused the justice system.”

The justices also write that Aubuchon’s most serious misconduct was filing a criminal complaint against a judge – and that “after considering mental state when engaging in the misconduct, the potential and actual injuries suffered, and the aggravating and mitigating circumstances,” they were “compelled” to disbar Aubuchon.

The disciplinary panel last year also disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, but he did not appeal.

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