Investigators Look Into Cause Of Weekend Helicopter Crash

September 24, 2013

The National Transportation Safety Board is examining the wreckage of a Vietnam-era ‘Huey’ helicopter, that crashed near Mayer over the weekend. The crash killed 25-year-old Brynne Smith of Scottsdale and a second person on board, who is believed to have been the pilot.

Investigator Mike Huhn says it looks as if the chopper fell apart in mid-air.

“What we do have is evidence that is consistent with an in-flight break up of the aircraft,” Huhn said. “The wreckage distribution pattern was scattered about across about a third of a mile.”

Huhn says the NTSB is closely looking at the maintenance records for the 40-year-old helicopter, and any other information that can give them a clearer picture of what happened and why. Huhn says a catastrophic mechanical or structural failure or hitting something in mid-air are the most likely causes.

Preliminary findings are expected from the NTSB in about a week.

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