Insys Therapeutics Responds To AZ Attorney General Lawsuit

Published: Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 6:05am

Arizona's attorney general filed a lawsuit Wednesday against opioid-based drug-maker Insys Therapeutics. By Friday, both the Chandler-based company and doctors named in the suit had responded.

The lawsuit filed by Attorney General Mark Brnovich alleges that Insys Therapeutics orchestrated a campaign to overprescribe its opioid-based painkiller Subys, a tongue spray designed for cancer patients. The suit also names a former executive and three Arizona doctors. Other accusations include lying to insurers and bribing doctors.

Nikesh Seth is one of the doctors named and reject’s the attorney general’s claims.

“We had an appropriate clientele of patients that got the medication. It was for breakthrough cancer pain. Of those that did not have breakthrough cancer pain, we actually have patient affidavits stating we understand this is a dangerous medication and we feel this is helping our function," Seth said.

In the lawsuit, Brnovich accuses Seth of prescribing the drug only after receiving special speaking fees. Brnovich says the three doctors combined were paid nearly $600,000.

Company representatives at Insys have also responded. In a statement filed Friday, Insys says the attorney general’s suit lacks context and factual accuracy and that the allegations in the complaint relate to former employees and physicians.

The company statement also claims that Subsys accounted for less than 0.03 percent of all opioid-based prescriptions in Arizona in 2016.

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