Nissan Dealership Settles With EEOC In Discrimination Case

Published: Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 5:05am

A Nissan dealership in New Mexico has finalized its lawsuit settlement with the federal agency that accused the dealership of discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Office in Phoenix released the details Wednesday.

Albuquerque-based car dealership Reliable Nissan has agreed to settle charges of discrimination based on race, national origin, and religion, along with retaliation, filed with the EEOC.   

The agreement follows conciliation between the EEOC and the dealership over claims that two company managers repeatedly used racial slurs during a sales meeting, and referred to African, African-American, Native American, Muslim and Hispanic employees in a derogatory manner.

Regarding the decision, EEOC Phoenix Office District Director Elizabeth Cadle cautioned it is illegal for employees to be subjected to comments based on race, national origin and religion.

The company will pay approximately two-hundred thousand to three employees who filed the discrimination charges,  and to 11 other minority employees who were subjected to the hostile work environment.

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