Scottsdale-Based GoDaddy Receives Patent Approval To Suggest Domain Names

Published: Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 7:07am

GoDaddy's stock price hit an all time high during early daytime trading on Wednesday.

The Scottsdale-based company is just a week passed completing a deal that adds about 200,000 domain names to its portfolio.

According to the announcement, GoDaddy purchased the fairly large portfolio in the domain business, and that is helping make market news.

Possibly bigger news is from earlier in October when the company received patent approval from the U.S. government to suggest domain names based on recognized user patterns.

The domain search patent describes ways to make domain name suggestions better based on a user's web search history and also by a general word search using what users ask for as domain names. 

The patent filing said the program will create a "string" reflecting what would potentially be the next element in the users sequence of words.

The patent was filed in December of 2014 and approved a few weeks ago.

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