Chandler-Based Aerospace Supplier Inks International Contract

Published: Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 5:05am

A spinoff of a global aerospace company with headquarters in Chandler will be doing contract work for a low-cost airline in Vietnam.

TurbineAero has signed a three-year maintenance contract with JetStar Pacific Vietnam. The Valley-based company is the largest independent manufacturer of auxiliary power units, or APUs, worldwide with locations in Arizona and one in Thailand.

Lisa Gates is with TurbineAero and says the company was formed in February after being carved out of Triumph Group, a global aerospace supply company, in order to develop APUs as a niche market.

“So, if you’re sitting in an airplane, comfortable, relaxed, that APU is providing that electricity to read your handheld device, the air-conditioning keeping you cool,  and then when the plane is in flight, that APU acts as a backup to the engine,” Gates said.

TurbineAero also recently renewed its contract with Boeing’s C-17 program. That work will be done in Chandler.


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