Pecan Growers From 15 States Propose New Reporting Requirements

Published: Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 5:26pm

Pecans are native to North America. Growers in 14 states, including Arizona, and Mexico are primary producers for the world.

Most recent numbers show $517 million in total production, but growers have never had a collective council or way to market and sell their products, until now, as the comment period just opened on a new federal marketing order on pecans.

Marketing agreements are binding regulations for the entire industry, once approved by producers and the Secretary of Agriculture. The order for pecans passed in August of 2016. The American Pecan Council was founded shortly after. Now, the grower collective is establishing standards within the order, so growers can tally the nationwide supply each month.

“It provides a stable market by helping all of the handlers solve their marketing problems together instead of now individually trying to sell the pecans they grow,” said Joshua Sherman, commercial horticulturalist at University of Arizona.

Sherman said orders are also used to maintain quality, standardize packaging and containers and regulate the flow of product to the market.

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