Former Vice President Quayle Endorses Romney

December 06, 2011

Former Vice President Dan Quayle has endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Quayle spoke at a Romney campaign stop in Paradise Valley Tuesday, saying the former Massachusetts Governor is the best person to fix the nation’s problems.  From Phoenix, KJZZ”s Paul Atkinson reports.

Quayle spoke with Romney standing next to him at the Hermosa Inn.

Quayle praised Romney’s leadership, character and conservative credentials and told about 100 supporters that the former governor is the best hope for the Republican party.  Romney then touted his experience leading two companies and listed his achievements running the state of Massachusetts.

MITT ROMNEY “Eliminating a budget gap of almost three billion dollars.  Leaving a rainy day fund of over two-billion dollars.  I’ve got a conservative record as well as conservative rhetoric and I think that’s something that will hold me in good stead.” (10)

Debra Belnap brought her eight-year old son Mark from Queen Creek.  He called the experience amazing.  His mom says Romney is the right person to address her concerns.

DEBRA BELNAP “I think it all revolves around a strong economy and I think he has the experience and leadership ability to make that happen again in America.” (09)

Criticized for not talking to the press, Romney says he’ll make more media appearances.  For KJZZ, I’m Paul Atkinson

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