Mexico Prepares Electoral Packages For Expat Voters

By Rodrigo Cervantes
Published: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 12:08pm
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Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico
Image from the campaign to register Mexican expat voters.

MEXICO CITY — As the Mexican elections get closer, the country prepares to make it easier for its citizens their right to vote, even those out of the country.

Mexican expats registered to vote will start getting their ballots this week via mail — and the vast majority of them will be delivered in the United States.

Around 181,000 Mexicans are registered to vote from abroad for the July first elections. The Mexican Electoral Institute is sending them a cost-free package with ballots and envelopes to vote for president, senators and, in some cases, state governors.

The number of requests to vote overseas tripled compared to the past federal elections of 2012. The majority of requests came from the U.S. — 84 percent of the total — followed by 4 percent from Canada.

Mexico City has the highest number of voters living outside the country — nearly 28,000 people. Arizona’s neighboring state, Sonora, has 2,200 voters overseas.