Arizona Organizations Mobilize For HIV Testing Day

By Claire Caulfield
Published: Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 8:45am
The campaign directs people to get more information at a website,, set up by the Phoenix-based Aunt Rita's Foundation.

There are at least 1.1 million HIV-positive Americans, but according to the CDC, one in seven people with HIV don’t know they carry the virus.

It’s that statistic that lead activists to designate June 27th National HIV Testing Day in the U.S., mobilizing nonprofits, health agencies and businesses across the state to raise awareness about testing and treatment.

Aunt Rita’s Foundation, an Arizona nonprofit focused on the elimination of HIV and AIDS, is sending out free in-home HIV testing kits to Arizona residents.

Greater Than Aids, a national advocacy organization, partnered with Walgreen's Pharmacy to provide free saliva swap and finger-prick tests in three Arizona drugstores.

“We have medications that can treat HIV to produce very next-to-normal quality and length of life,” said Glen Pietrandoni, director of patient care at Walgreen's drugstores. “We also have medication now to prevent HIV, so knowing your status is really important.”

Various other health agencies and nonprofits will also offer free testing without an appointment on June 27th.

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