Colorado River Named Most Endangered

April 17, 2013

The Colorado River

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- An environmental group voted the Colorado River as America’s most endangered river. Conservationists say it’s over-managed.

Each year the environmental group American Rivers lists 10 rivers it considers to be most threatened. Amy Kober is a spokeswoman for American Rivers. Kober said they choose rivers that appear to be at a crossroads, that are facing critical decision points.

"We all know this river is so dammed, and drained and diverted it dries up to barely a trickle before reaching the sea," Kober said. "And the Bureau of Reclamation came out with a report in December that paints a very stark picture that there’s not enough water to meet current demands."

Let alone future demands.

Kober said the river can’t be fixed in one year. But they hope to influence policy makers to fund federal programs that have recently been cut.