Pancho The Rabbit: An Allegory For Children About Crossing The Dangerous Border

In this allegorical picture book, a young rabbit sets out to find his father who went north. Author Duncan Tonatiuh uses Pancho to tell the story of thousands of families crossing the border. Credit: Duncan Tonatiuh
By John Rosman
April 08, 2013

Pancho the Rabbit is on a journey. After two years absent, Pancho decides to travel north to find his father who went looking for work in the carrot fields. Along the way he meets a coyote, a seasoned traveler who offers help in exchange for food.

The story is an allegorical picture book, intended to teach young readers — ages 6 to 9 years old— about the hardships and danger migrants face crossing the border.

As the author Duncan Tonatiuh explained to USA Today, the book is not intended to preach, but rather give young kids living in the country illegally a story they can relate to.

Regardless of the author’s intentions, the book release coincides with fiercely divided political debate on immigration reform. The book will be available May 7, 2013.