Medicine Woman's Wise Words

February 01, 2013

Photo by Laurel Morales
Dianna Baby Sue White Dove Uqualla says she has had a hard time finding an apprentice to learn the tribe's traditions.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Back in November I had the great opportunity to hike into Havasu Canyon to meet Dianna Baby Sue White Dove Uqualla. She is a Havasupai medicine woman. I traveled with a group from Arizona Highways magazine. You can see a print version of a profile of Baby Sue, as she's called, in their March issue or listen to my radio story here.

Even though I was given a couple extra minutes to tell her story, there was so much more to share. So I'm giving you about 10 minutes of our hour-long interview in this audio clip.

She talks about what it feels like to call Grand Canyon home, what's important to her and how she heard the calling to become a healer.

As a reporter I'm supposed to be skeptical and I try to ask questions that I think listeners might have. After meeting Baby Sue, interviewing her, watching her perform a blessing ceremony, I'm quite certain she's the real deal.

But you listen and decide.