Eloy Pulls Plug On Part Of ICE Contract

Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 5:03pm
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The city of Eloy has ended part of a contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that allowed the federal agency to run an immigrant detention center in Texas, and the city manager says ICE asked Eloy to pull the plug on the deal.

The deal between ICE and Eloy paid the city about $438,000 a year.

“(I) would rather not lose the revenue, but I understand,” said Harvey Krauss, Eloy’s city manager. “It was always intended to be temporary.”

ICE is going start a new contract with the city of Dilley, Texas, where the immigrant family detention center is located, Krauss said.

A lawyer for a Guatemalan woman recently threatened a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Eloy, alleging that repeated requests to get her daughter intensive medical treatment, while they were held in the Texas facility, went nowhere.

Krauss said he doesn’t think that’s why ICE asked the Eloy to end the deal.

An ICE spokeswoman said in an email that to maintain the integrity of the process, the agency does not talk about contracts that may be in negotiation.

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