Lawsuit: Greyhound Lines Lets Border Patrol Harass Passengers

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 7:11pm

A Phoenix-bound woman is suing Greyhound Lines for allowing U.S. Border Patrol agents to board the bus she was riding from San Diego, alleging the company violated the rights of paying customers. 

The class action lawsuit was filed in Alameda County, California, and contends that last November, Rocio Cordova was riding to Phoenix when her bus driver pulled over and allowed border agents to interrogate passengers.

The suit alleges the company violated California consumer protection laws by allowing federal agents to board the bus and question passengers.

CBP has long utilized a rule called the border search exception which allows agents to conduct searches within 100 miles of any border without needing probable cause.

The lawsuits states Greyhound station managers have prevented people from video-recording Border Patrol boarding its buses and says one station manager stated "Greyhound will always welcome Border Patrol here."

Greyhound Lawsuit Complaint

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