Sonoran Government Welcomes Ducey’s Re-election

Published: Monday, November 12, 2018 - 8:53am
Claudia Pavlovich
Claudia Pavlovich

In the days since Doug Ducey was elected for a second term as Arizona’s governor, government leaders in neighboring Sonora, Mexico have offered their support and congratulations.

Sonoran Governor Claudia Pavlovich praised Ducey on Twitter saying she’s confident he will continue working not only on behalf of Arizona families but to strengthen the so-called Arizona-Sonora Megaregion.

The state’s economy secretary also made a statement calling the re-election good news for Sonora. He said Ducey’s government has worked well with Sonoran officials and his continued leadership will provide stability that benefits both states.

Ducey touted Arizona’s improved relationships with its southern neighbor in his re-election campaign and has emphasized the importance of bi-national business and trade for Arizona’s economy.

Some of Ducey’s policies on border security — including his support for President Donald Trump’s recent deployment of troops to the border — are less popular with Sonorans.

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