Three Indications The Newsroom Is Shifting

By Al Macias
October 23, 2012


Then I read an article by David Skok. He is a Neiman Fellow with the The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard.

He talks about journalism and what needs to be done in newsrooms to adjust and make sure our industry survives and remains healthy. Here’s an excerpt from his article.

Across the industry, there are shock waves being felt as audiences and advertisers flock to new platforms. Media organizations have to adapt to a structural, systemic shift in their once healthy business models, and, once again, it is the journalists who are feeling the brunt of these changes.

It is frightening, but it is not terminal. There is still hope for traditional news organizations if we can make some courageous choices and recognize our own flaws. There has always been and will always be reporting so important to the functioning of society that no price tag can be placed on it.