Arizona's Population Growth Rises

Published: Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 3:47pm

New U.S. Census numbers show Arizona continuing its rapid population increase as it rises up the list of fastest growing states in the country.  

Arizona added nearly 123,000 new residents between July 2017 through July of this year. The growth rate — 1.7 percent — is up slightly from the year before, but enough to move it up from the 6th to 4th fastest growing state in the country. In fact, the top four are all out West — with Nevada, Idaho and Utah leading the way.

In terms of numeric growth, the state also ranked 4th, behind much larger Texas, Florida and California. Arizona’s population is now approaching 7.2 million.

In a release, Gov. Doug Ducey hailed the new numbers as evidence of a high quality of life and a growing economy.

“In the game of states, people vote with their feet, and Arizona is winning,” Ducey said.