Census: Asian Population Booming In Western U.S.

How the U.S. Census Bureau divides the country into regions.
By Al Macias
March 23, 2012

PHOENIX -- The Asian population in the United States grew at a faster rate than any other group over the last decade, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Just-released statistics show that population grew by more than 45%.

The Asian population increased by 30% or more in every state except Hawaii, where they make up more than half of the state’s residents.

In Nevada, the Asian population was up by 116%. In Arizona, there was 95% growth. The census defines the race category as people of Asian alone or in combination with one or more races.

Chinese were the largest group with nearly 4 million people, followed by Filipinos and Asian Indians with more than 3 million each.

California had the most growth with an additional 1 million. Texas was second with more than 400,000 additional people of Asian descent counted.

The census shows that 46% of the Asian population lives in the western United States.