The Mystery Of The Uninvited Cemetery Bones

November 01, 2011

Tucson's Mysterious Bones

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Take a look at the bones that have investigators stumped.

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Two weeks ago, someone thought it was a good idea to drop off three plastic shopping bags of human bones just outside the walls of the crematorium in Tucson.

Police don’t know who dropped them off; they’re still asking. As they unzip the bag and check the bones, the forensics team here at the Pima County Medical Examiner said they still don’t have any idea who the remains belonged to.

"We have a set of white bones which are dried and sun-bleached; they have longitudinal cracks in them from being on the surface," said Greg Hess, the chief medical examiner. He has the bones spread out on the table in his office. There's a femur, a couple of arm bones, a shin bone, even a molar.

“And these are the white sun-bleached bones that weren’t buried and were on the surface," he said.

Then there are the darker bones, the color of freshly dug soil.

They could be