Federal Grants Fight Crime in Indian Country

September 15, 2011

The US Dep’t. of Justice (DOJ) Wednesday awarded more than $118 million to American Indian and Alaskan Native nations. The grants are aimed at fighting crime.

More than $10 million went to Arizona tribes; $4.7 million went to New Mexico tribes; $4 million to California tribes; about $3.6 million to Nevada tribes; and more than $850,000 to Texas.

DOJ officials are trying to stem what they call: “The unacceptable and sober crime rates witnessed in Indian Country.”

The grants will be used to add police officers, for crime prevention programs and enhance intervention efforts. More specifically, the money will be invested in fighting violence against women, elder abuse, alcohol, methamphetamine, and other substance abuse issues.

It can go toward corrections, juvenile justice and tribal youth programs.

Last year, the justice department consolidated and streamlined the grant application process after tribal leaders complained that it was too cumbersome. This is a result of that move.